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IP Power Stone 4000

Item # IP4000

IP Power Stone® 4000 ~ Two Outlet Remote AC-Power Controller

For the support organization with a growing number of remote site devices to maintain, but fewer personnel to maintain them, remote site management tools are essential. Dispatching a technician to a site located hours away for a simple power reboot is costly and time consuming. The IP4000 provides users the ability to control power by web browser, automatic network fault detection, auto-scheduling, and MSN chat. And, it's so affordable that it pays for itself with just one saved service dispatch!


Even if equipment lock-ups are not a problem, the IP4000 can provide a benefit by allowing equipment to be powered up only when needed. Schedule up to 20 power control events--- assignable to one or both of the outlets. Power consumption is thereby reduced, equipment life is extended, and exposure to malicious hacker threats is minimized.



* Saves fuel & labor costs by eliminating costly remote site visits  

* Reduces equipment downtime 

* Improves productivity 

* Minimizes power consumption and extends product life


* Remotely reboot by web browser,  MSN chat, scheduling, Auto fault detection 

* Schedule 20 separate power control events  

* Remotely control two power outlets with Sequential Power Reset 

* Small footprint, (5"W x 5"L x 1.5"H) for bundling/installation in control cabinets or where rack mounting is unavailable or unnecessary. 

* Event Logging  


* 100-250 VAC  

Price (New): $169.00

Condition: Qty.   

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