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Multi-Link ATX 250

Item # Multi-Link ATX 250


Our two-port Versa-Link ATX-250 gives you options that other line sharing devices can't begin to offer. Unlike most "Fax switches" we don't designate what equipment to communicate with or how to configure it.

Our output jacks aren't labeled PHONE port and FAX port, so you aren't locked-in to just a phone and a FAX. With the ATX-250, a phone line can be shared by any combination of two communication devices.

That's a MODEM and a phone or two FAX machines or even an answering machine and credit card authorization terminal.

Large corporations use our ATX-250 for remote-site polling of cash registers, security monitoring systems, PC MODEMS, energy/climate control systems and LAN access switching.

  • A 300 Volt surge suppressor and fuses provide added protection for your sensitive telecommunications equipment.
  • Answers all incoming calls, detects CNG/DTMF tones and routes to the specified destination.
  • Calls can be manually transferred between the phone, FAX or MODEM at anytime by either the caller or the called party.
  • Selective Ring Operation Mode-Works with the "Distinctive Ring" service offered by your local phone company.
  • Detects the different ring patterns associated with each phone number and routes the call to devices designated for answering that phone number. This feature is optional and provides 100% foolproof switching.
  • Call Opti-Mizer - A user-selectable features designed specifically for after-hours FAX transmission. Will route all unanswered calls to the FAX machine after a programmed number of rings.
  • Barge-In Protection - With our "Barge In" feature, you are assured privacy and protection when utilizing the line for voice or data communications. For example, when the phone line is accessed by your FAX or MODEM the other phones will receive a busy signal when the receiver is lifted.
  • Increased Ring Energy -The ATX-250 will now ring up to five single-line phones.

Price (New): $177.00

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